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What We Do

ZAIS Group Strategies

Structured Investments

ZAIS has invested opportunistically across CLOs, MBS, ABS and underlying loans backing these various asset classes as part of its approach to alternative credit investing. Our strategy draws on our investment team's breadth of expertise across structured credit asset classes as we continue to seek competitive risk adjusted returns across all of these credit sectors.

ZAIS Managed CLOs

Since 2014, we have issued approximately two CLOs per year through various investment banks. The members of the ZAIS Leveraged Loan Investment Committee have, on average, over 30 years of industry experience and our team has been recognized by Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, Citi and Creditflux.

Responsible Investing

ZAIS responsible investing is dedicated to innovating and, importantly, scaling impact investment products for the credit markets in pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are designing strategies that will aim to offer a double bottom line of financial returns plus social and/or environmental positive impact. Examples of our sector focus include climate change mitigation, resource conservation, gender equality, and financial inclusion.

How We Do It

ZAIS Group Structures

ZAIS offers a variety of structures to meet our investors’ risk return profiles. Below are some examples of structures that we are currently managing for our investors.


Customized Solutions

ZAIS Group provides bespoke solutions for investors in the form of separately managed accounts and funds of one, which are tailored to client's varying needs, parameters and risk appetites. Separate accounts are customized to meet each client's desired risk-return objectives and asset class exposures.


Drawdown Structures

Over our history we have managed over 30 drawdown structures to take advantage of market opportunities as they present themselves. We believe a structure with a longer lock-up of capital may be more appropriate for strategies that seek to deploy capital as market opportunities present themselves.


Evergreen Structures

We manage commingled evergreen structures with varied liquidity terms.