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MMT is Flawed

By Bernhard Eschweiler, PhD3 minute read

The current debate around MMT suggests this theory could be viewed as a short-term hype that will be over after the US elections. We fear that MMT will be around for longer.

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Housing on Track for Moderate Gains

By Bernhard Eschweiler, PhD2 minute read

Housing was the soft spot of the U.S. economy in 2018. In our judgment, that was not a sign of fundamental trouble like excesses as in the bubble years, but binding affordability constraints, especially for lower-income families.

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Structured Products: The Sixth Man of a Fixed Income Portfolio

By ZAIS Group2 minute read

Much like basketball’s "sixth man," the addition of structured products to a broader fixed income portfolio can both reduce risk and enhance returns. In this article, we discuss the versatility and benefits of structured products within a fixed income portfolio.

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Fears of a near term recession seem overblown

By Bernhard Eschweiler, PhD2 minute read

Economists like to refer to the yield curve when talking about recession risks. This is because the yield curve has historically been a good predictor of recession risk...

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2016 Déjà Vu

By Bernhard Eschweiler, PhD2 minute read

Strategists like to look for historic parallels when analyzing current and future economic and market conditions. A popular comparison at the moment is early 2016...

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ZAIS Wins Two Awards at the Creditflux Manager Awards for CLOs 2018

By Creditflux1 minute read

ZAIS Group triumphs at the Creditflux Manager Awards, picking up the coveted Best US CLO manager award and the best new US CLO for ZAIS CLO 7...

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