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Asset Classes

Structured Investments

ZAIS Group’s structured investments team is focused on corporate backed and non-corporate backed assets and aims to identify market inefficiencies and dislocations in each sector.

Corporate-backed investments include:

  • Collateralized Loan Obligations
  • Collateralized Bond Obligations
  • Collateralized Synthetic Obligations
  • Credit Default Swaps


Other asset-backed investments include:

  • Residential Mortgage Backed Product
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Product
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Real Estate and Asset Backed Loans

Leveraged Finance

ZAIS’s leveraged finance team manages ZAIS CLOs and invests in the underlying leveraged loans. Since establishing the leveraged finance business in 2013 we have issued 9 CLOs.

The team seeks to identify attractive risk-adjusted returns drawing on its investing experience across the credit spectrum for portfolio construction. Beyond the fundamental credit work the team employs to construct the portfolio, our leveraged finance team actively monitors and repositions the portfolio throughout the reinvestment period.

Investments include:

  • Leveraged loans


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