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ZAIS Group Strengths

ZAIS Group is one of a few structured credit managers with a two-decade history. Our history and experience provides several distinct competitive advantages:

1. Specialization & Focus

ZAIS Group has consistently invested in structured credit for twenty years. Our history and tenure have allowed us to deepen our skillsets and our understanding of the structured credit markets. 

2. Experience and Longevity

We believe our experience gives us an edge in our core markets, which is reflected by our investment team. The core securitized credit team has been together for more than a decade and, combined, has multiple decades of sector-specific experience.

3. Investment Approach

ZAIS Group has developed an investment approach based on fundamental credit analysis. Through our approach we strive to: 

  • Identify market inefficiencies and dislocations that produce opportunities with appealing risk-return ratios
  • Discern when to be a buyer and a seller
4. Long-term Client Base

ZAIS Group’s clientele includes a long-term base, some of which have been invested with us for more than a decade. Over the years our clients have included: public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, family offices, funds-of-funds, sovereign wealth funds and other investment advisors. 

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